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A Cross Chain functional Wallet for the future of a Cross Chain Interoperability. Simply put, the Stargazer Wallet is a browser extension wallet for holding and transacting your $DAG tokens


A Stardust Creation

The Stargazer Wallet was created by Stardust Collective, a decentralized open source organization with members from all around the world, including Amsterdam, Dubai, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney. The Stardust Collective’s work focuses around producing companion dApps and tools built on Constellation’s Hypergraph network.

Install The Stargazer Wallet

The initial launch of the Stargazer Wallet is on Google Chrome, but we plan to add support for other browsers (e.g. Firefox) in the near future.

Initial Features

Seed Phrase Ready

You can now create a $DAG wallet which, in addition to your private key, comes with a 12 word seed phrase for added security and ease of use. Non-Custodial & Secure: own and control your assets & transactions at all times. Only you can access your private key and seed phrase if they are securely stored. Please remember to back up your seed phrase in a secure manner. At the moment, if you lose the seed phrase – you will lose access to your wallet/tokens for good.

Multiple Addresses, One Wallet

You can create multiple addresses, with their own unique public/private key pairs, within your newly created wallets. This can serve as an enhanced security feature whereby a user wants to diversify their holdings amongst several addresses within the same wallet, for privacy reasons.

Send and Receive $DAG

You can send/receive $DAG tokens to/from an exchange or your existing Molly wallet address. You can also send $DAG in between different addresses within your Stargazer wallet.

QR Code for Ease of Use

Send $DAG tokens by simply scanning the generated QR code on your exchange mobile phone application

Full Transaction History

Keep track of all your incoming and outgoing transactions under the Activity feed.

Linking $DAG Explorer to Each Transaction

When you click on a transaction in your Activity feed, you can check its status in $DAG Explorer, which will open up a new tab in your browser.


Features Coming Soon


Do you have a frequently used address which you send your $DAG tokens to? You will be able to add/edit/remove addresses for ease of use.

Import Single Private Key Account

If you have a wallet with multiple addresses, this feature will allow you to import an individual address, via your private key, rather than importing all the existing addresses linked to your wallet.

Cross-Chain Compatibility with the Ethereum Network

Store, transact and interact with ETH/ERC-20 tokens. This is the first step to making the Stargazer wallet compatible with multiple chains within the crypto ecosystem.

Authenticate for Validator Node Management

$DAG Node Operators will be able to interact with and manage their nodes by authenticating actions on their connected Stargazer Wallet.


Getting Started

Ready to get started with the Stargazer Wallet? Check out the tutorials below. For announcements around future releases, be sure to sign up for our mailing list!


If you have questions, please join the Stargazer Support Telegram channel.